TRNC Birth Certificate Registry

Requirements for persons born overseas to obtain TRNC Birth Certificate:

1- Original full size UK birth certificate, if born in Turkey Original ID Card

2- Passport (if over 18 years of age)

3- Father’s and Mother’s TRNC Identity Card and Passports

4-Parent’s Marriage Certificate or Divorce Certificate

5- Father’s or Mother’s Naturalization Certificate (if applicable)

6- Fee

TRNC Citizenship Through Marriage

1-Passport and Birth Certificate

2- If citizen of the Republic of Turkey, Citizenship Record / Birth record

3-Passport and TRNC Identity Card of Spouse

4-Marriage Certificate

5-Proof of Residence (document indicating the applicant’s and spouses’ names and address

i.e. utility bill, council tax bill, bank statement etc.)

6-Spouse Consent (to be completed and signed at the TRNC Consulate)

  • passport-size photographs

8-Fee (To be paid when the citizenship certificate is issued)

 Important Note

  • Applicant and Spouse need to be married at least a year before Applicant can apply for citizenship.
  • Both spouses must attend in person the TRNC London Representative Office