I would like to welcome you and thank you for attending our Republic Day celebration. Tonight we are celebrating 34th anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. I have great pride, joy and honour to be here with you to celebrate this very special event.
Turkish Cypriot people have struggled for many years to survive, to exist, to preserve their identity, freedom and sovereignty and to live peacefully and safely within a democracy. The proclamation of our State on 15 November 1983 is the product of this struggle. Turkish Cypriots have survived very tough conditions which contained threats, fears, degradation and losses. Community leaders Dr. Küçük and Founding President Denktaş led the Turkish Cypriot people through impossible dark years starting in 1963 to a resistance in spite of decreasing hope and increasing pain and losses and with the hope to survive some Turkish Cypriots found no choice but to migrate.
In 1974 Republic of Turkey resorted to her legal rights and obligations under The Treaty of Guarantee to militarily intervene in Cyprus to create an environment conducive to peace and security to all the peoples of the island also to preserve the independence of Cyprus. Turkish Cypriots later established their own State within their own boundaries.
United Nations Peace Keeping Force arrived in Cyprus in 1964. The intercommunal negotiations started in 1968. The negotiations aimed at finding a just and lasting solution to the problem of Cyprus. In almost 50 years of negotiations the Turkish Cypriots participated in goodwill and with patience to put all efforts to achieve a lasting, peaceful, just and negotiated settlement. Lately in May 2016 an intensive negotiating process begun to establish a bizonal, bicommunal solution based on political equality and with Turkey’s effective guarantees. In July 2017 the negotiations ended with no result. Today I believe the Turkish Cypriot people will continue to survive and to progress in spite of all and to improve and overcome all restrictions and hindrances in their lives.
At this juncture, I would like to invite the international community and the United Kingdom to take concrete steps to end the unjust limitations and obstacles currently hindering and isolating the Turkish Cypriot people. On this point, our gratitude goes towards Republic of Turkey and towards everyone who supports and gives assistance to Turkish Cypriots of North Cyprus. It is very important to bear in mind and recall Turkish Cypriot historical and cultural heritage and experiences as we currently consider our next steps. Turkish Cypriots at home and abroad and in the United Kingdom are currently working to build bridges for economic development and cooperation which heavily depends on British Turkish Cypriots and the supporters of TRNC to unite to work together despite all differences.
On this very special day, I would like to commemorate and express gratitude towards our community leaders Dr. Fazıl Küçük and Founding President Rauf Denktaş and to all the martyrs who gave their lives for Cyprus, and to all those who fought and survived the struggle. My special thanks goes to people of Turkey and the Republic of Turkey who are always on our side to provide support and assistance to Turkish Cypriots in their struggle for independence and freedom and to achieve democratic and humanitarian rights in a safe and secure environment.
Thank you for being here with us on TRNC Republic Day and thank you for honouring this reception.

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